Photo by Laurence Niolle
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Simplicity in capture and creativity is what I strive for, but this blog is for ramblings, previews and catch-ups. Please enjoy and join in!

The starkly simple colour palette of Namibia consists of three colours - blue, orange and cream, but converted to black and white, the images become about content, without distraction. The images in this slideshow were mostly created in Photoshop Lightroom and Nik Software's awesome Silver Efex Pro plug-in for both Photoshop and Lightroom.
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Steve Hollier:

Great image! And to think that Sandra worries about her "buterfly wings"

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Thinking New Zealand, one automatically thinks sheep, but this takes it a step further! Images of the 'older' kids on steers are on my Facebook page.

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With so much to experience beyond the borders of the capital of Namibia, most visitors treat Windhoek as a springboard, but time spent in the city can be treated as an opportunity to gain perspective on the complexities of this young nation.
From the colonial architecture, to the bustling markets, craftspeople and streets of the black suburbs, time spent in Windhoek is a great starting point before exploring the wild country beyond the city limits.
Wilderness Safaris' staff, Ellis and Barnabas, know the city and people in a way that makes one get the most out of a city tour in a safe and comfortable way.
For more details on visiting Namibia, Chris McIntyre's Bradt Guide to Namibia is the best out there.

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When thinking of a safari it's usually wildlife that comes to mind. Wilderness Safaris Namibia offers a unique experience - one where wildlife is only part of the journey. The vast, stark landscape and the diversity of its peoples makes Namibia an obvious choice of destination. One gets to experience a balance of cultural and ecotourism unparalleled in Africa, in settings where observes and feels part of an harmonious co-existence of indigenous people and wildlife. These are a few of the images captured over the past few weeks in Damaraland. Enjoy!
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Beth Terry:


This is a stunning site! Thanks for sending it to me. Wonderful photos and I very much like the idea of 'Pink Photography' having several friend who are breast cancer survivours. I wonder if there is a similar group for supporting people with Alzheimers? Beth

Jutta Tebje-Kelly:

The images brought tears to my eyes and stirred an immense longing to go back...


These are stunning photos. I hope it encourages more people to get out there and experience it first hand. Well done!

Regine Fourie:

If you haven't yet, please send this to Pit (pit.steinlin@kwaqwagga.ch) He just adores Namibia. And I'm definitely a fan too. X

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Namibia Wilderness. The Land, The People. An exhibition at the National Art Gallery of Namibia, at the start of International Red Cross week on 3 May 2010.
Namibia, twice the size of California, is one of the most sparsely populated countries on earth. A vast land of contrasts and diversity and to me, one of the most beautiful countries. Join us to pay tribute to the volunteers who form the backbone of the Namibia Red Cross Society.


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