Photo by Laurence Niolle
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Events over a period of 3 days at Little Somavundhla pan in Wilderness Safaris' Makololo Concession. Hwange, Zimbabwe. Can you figure out what happened here?
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Being averse to the 'staged' feel one sometimes gets with cultural experiences, I approached visiting a traditional healer in Makuleke Village with some ambivalence. What a delightful surprise!
With her pharmacy equivalent and open-air consultation area at her home, she went about her consultations without me feeling intrusive in any way. Referring to me as her colleague (not too sure how I feel about that), she met with her patients with a lot of chanting, throwing of bones, lion claws and various other artefacts, for lack of a better word.
She was the real deal and despite having being told we would be visiting, did nothing other than what she does every day. Psychosomatic stuff? Whatever. Western medicine works pretty much the same way, though without the lion claw. Still wondering where she got that!
As a morning activity from Pafuri Camp in Kruger National Park, I'd recommend this and next time I'll take her up on her offer to 'do' me. Perhaps.
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René MacDonald:

Great photos (and story) Olwen!

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A safari in the true sense of the word! Pafuri Walking Trail, one of Wilderness' best offerings, located close to their Pafuri Camp in the Makuleke Concession area of the Kruger National Park. Located between the Levuvhu and Limpopo Rivers, in a pristine and seldom visited area and bordering both Zimbabwe and Mozambique.
This video includes the elephants holding us captive in the canyon - just a couple of meters from them and some charging over the GoPros and actually toucging one of the cameras, changing the angle - resulting in underbelly shots!

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Theuns Duvenhage:

Very nice wish i could go again

Susan Proctor Hume:

This is the best footage I have seen of Ellie's. Wow!

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