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20200118_profiles.jpg"A large and growing portion of some of the most valuable demographics are spending more of their time and attention on Facebook and less on other channels and media. Not only are college students and teenagers fully engaged in Facebook, but adults, professionals, and people from around the world now constitute a substantial portion of the Facebook user base as well. Today, over 325 million people worldwide are active on Facebook each month, including 95 million in the United States, with over 600,000 new people joining each and every day. Facebook offers many ways to get the word out and enable engagement with your brand in more compelling ways than were ever before possible on the web". - Justin Smith, author of The Facebook Marketing Bible.

Amazing statistics, but how are we presenting ourselves? Usually with some shabby crop out of another image! Shouldn't we harness this to communicate via our profile images? Most of do want our personal identity to be associated with our brand and it lends authenticity. I have been capturing images expressly for this purpose for both businesses and individuals and companies, especially have found the response has been amazing.

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